About Me

Definition : A lazy boy, who sometimes ends up doing something. Well yes, that’s how I define myself.   Hello everybody!! I am Aniket Maithani, inhabitant of this planet Earth. I have done my B.TECH in Computer Science and Engineering from Amity University(Noida). 298678_2472873745170_994848427_n

I am a FOSS enthusiast and believe that FOSS/FLOSS is the only model which renders absolute development of a software. I generally hang around on various IRC forums some of them include #amity-linux-adda, #asetalias, #linux-india, #openhatch. I love to read and write ‘tech’ articles. Technology excites me and so does FOOD!! I love cooking and in my free time all I do is COOK and EAT! This blog is a collection of my thoughts and ideas, unfortunately I lost many of my posts due to my negligence! But this time I’ll be careful. Feel free to traverse my website 🙂 #HAPPYHACKING

Stop the Hollyweb! No DRM in HTML5.