Month: January 2014

PHP :Cannot Start Session Error

So recently, I was working over project and was customizing the drupal distribution for ERP solutions. All was going smoothly till I ran into a big trouble My “phpmyadmin” was not working!! I started looking for answer, which ranges from clearing my browser cache history, to restarting Apache, but none worked!! Then finally I decided […]

Know Your Representative :- AN IDEA, A START!

During my internship at IIC, one of the idea, of web app was to create a portal, that would provide MP’s details regarding their tenure, personal bio etc. and most important of all, their attendance in Parliament. All projects were made within time and finally #IDEADU[name of the event] came to an end. The whole […]

When I met RMS!!

Definition of me:- A non serious guy, who sometimes ended up doing coding!. On Tuesday, I got the mail in our ALiAS mailing list that Mr. Richard Matthew Stallman, also known as RMS is coming to India, and that too Delhi. I was so excited on seeing the mail that I immediately called my friend […]