The word is “SPONTANEOUS”

It’s been a while since I have been thinking about the word “SPONTANEOUS”. I mean how often we plan certain things and when they are about to get “in-line” for the execution we tend to back off or the circumstances are such that we ultimately end up doing the complete opposite.

It’s been a while since I have blogged. Last time I remember I was on a trip to Uttarakhand-Himachal and even thought about writing a daily log for a two week long fun but then again I am too lazy!

Coming to the point….

Few days ago I received around 7 notification on my phone related to “Bangalore MakerSpace”. It’s a Facebook group for all the enthusiast who are into “Making & Hacking” kind of stuff. If you don’t know what MakerSpace is you can check this link.

Since I follow the core member of the BLR MakerSpace, Kavita Arora on Facebook those notifications were inevitable. As per the trend of receiving notification goes I can figure out that she is quite active during the night-time on Facebook. Hence, I wrote to her (with a slight taste of pun)


To which she replied and we chatted for like five minutes over FB. Suddenly, she told me about one of the events she was planning to attend at Kolkata, scheduled to take place between 21st to 28th of September (I HOPE I REMEMBER THE DATES CORRECTLY) . So after checking my schedule I thought that it would be a good idea to visit Kolkata during the weekend (Sep 25-27) and also to attend the MakerSpace event.

So I started digging the internet : flights, reservations, costing, hotels etc. Finally, I made up my mind that I’ll be booking the tickets in next couple of days. Two days later I booked the ticket and thought that I should ask about the kind of activity these guys have planned at the Kolkata MakerSpace event.

Just as I was about to ask her to my surprise, I came to know that entire plan has been changed and now the event which was scheduled to take place during September has been shifted.

And co-incidentally today I was thinking about the fact that how spontaneous this whole thing was. First I messaged someone around 2 o clock in the night and 10 minutes later we are searching for a net (booking, hotels, tickets) just to visit an event and couple of days later, the whole thing turns out to be DEAD. (ouch! Harsh word ).

But since this blog post is about how “spontaneous” the things turned out to be, I saw Kavita sharing an event at Bangalore aka Bengaluru for her new MakerSpace today itself. And at that very moment I thought “SHOULD I PLAN A QUICK TRIP?” as Friday is my off and I’ll be getting 3 days to enjoy my freedom and to unravel the beautiful city of Bengaluru on my own.

10 Minutes later :
This Happened :


MakeMyTrip Booking ID –
Itinerary and Reservation Details

Air Asia
Delhi (DEL)
Fri, 04 Sep 2015 06:15 hrs
Bangalore (BLR)
Fri, 04 Sep 2015 08:55 hrs
Non-Stop Flight
Duration:2hr 40m
Refundable Fare


I guess spontaneous is the word for the “LIFETIME” for me now.


P.s I am excited to meet Kavita and her gang of MakerSpace frenzy people.

P.p.s : OH YES! I haven’t met her physically, till now I know her through her FB posts as she heads the MakerSpace group (which is my domain of interest).

P.p.p.s : This time I’ll definitely write a blog about Bangalore MakerSpace group and about the event also!


“There are only two hard things in Computer Science 0. Off-by-one errors 1. cache invalidation 2. naming things” – Phil Karlton

Things to remember

  • Let the meaning choose the word.
  • Describe the thing you have been visualising you probably hunt about until you find the exact words that seem to fit it.
  • Never use metaphor, toolongaword, jargon
  • Break_the_word_if_its_too_long
  • Abbreviations are ambiguous for instance char stands for character or characteristics. But try to make it more meaningful.
  • Allow one exception: id for ‘identity’
  • One letter is too short for instance, var a, var b
  • Vague words are vague for instance “manager” could mean supervisor, planning manager etc.
  • Don’t get confused with synonyms :
    • order IS NOT EQUAL TO shipment
    • carrier IS NOT EQUAL TO broker INSTEAD
    • shipment IS EQUALS TO consignment
    • carrier IS EQUALS TO transporter
  • Multiple words can be replaced by more specific words e.g company_person means employee or owner!! Don’t be too generic!


  • What is the worst ever variable name?
  • data
  • What is the second-worst name?
  • data2

Any guesses for the third one??

Day 1 : Travel Log

I reached Dehradun on Saturday evening after the horrific “turbulence filled” flight. And after managing the home affairs I asked myself when will I let go off this pain.

The pain I am referring here is quite a personal one and I would keep that within me. (KIM)

Nevertheless, I suddenly realized since I am already on “remotely working” mode, it’s a good time if I could utilize it to have my “summer adventure/travelling alone mode”. I filtered out ‘n’ number of plans from my mind and thought what’s best for me.

So I have packed my bags for now. And today I will be leaving for Nainital (by bus 10:30 PM from Dehradun ISBT). I would update the blog further as my 10 day long journey unfolds.



5. Because it’s nice time to meet your online IRC buddies/guru “physically”

You have been in your dark room with multiple screen setup but sooner or later you need to see light of the day 😛 So Pycon India 2015 is a good time to meet your IRC buddies whom you know only by their IRC nicks. 


[Hobbes` and Satyag (IRC NICKS)]

4. Awesome Weather at Bengaluru 



Weather be like “MOODY” in true sense. 😛 But it’s fun overall.

3. It’s just not about talks!! 

Most of the people think that Pycon is all about those “technical” talks. But honestly, Pycon is NEVER COMPLETELY about only talks. It’s about meeting new people, having “geeky” banter. 


2. Chance to Volunteer in one of the Mega Python-Conference! 



1. WELL FOOOD!!!!!! 

1622460_10204835758317735_4902972229775267658_o 10608770_10204835767917975_3664025598841053127_o



So in case you are still thinking whether to come or not? I would serious recommend you folks “EK BAAR AAKAR TOH DEKHO” 😛 

P.s : Registrations for Pycon India 2015 are open now. Click here to register.