2 minute plan and a 2 day trip!!!

Few weeks back I was yawning in the classroom as usual 😛 when my friend Harshit asked me whether or not I’ll be interested in going to Mussoorie for weekend. The convo that took place is as follows:- Harshit : “Bhai Mussorie Chalein” Me: ” Abey PRANAY YAAR ise dekh.. fir se kharcha.. [pause of […]


I have been working and hacking around with Drupal for quite a while now. Few weeks back Anshul told me to submit a talk session for BootCamp14 and I hurriedly decided that I’ll be giving talk on Drupal and my experiences with it. Though it was a two day event I missed the Saturday’s proceeding […]

When I met RMS!!

Definition of me:- A non serious guy, who sometimes ended up doing coding!. On Tuesday, I got the mail in our ALiAS mailing list that Mr. Richard Matthew Stallman, also known as RMS is coming to India, and that too Delhi. I was so excited on seeing the mail that I immediately called my friend […]