I have been working and hacking around with Drupal for quite a while now. Few weeks back Anshul told me to submit a talk session for BootCamp14 and I hurriedly decided that I’ll be giving talk on Drupal and my experiences with it. Though it was a two day event I missed the Saturday’s proceeding […]

The Culture Phobia!

So recently, in my Communication Skills class my teacher started talking about Cultures and the factors that affect the culture. Gruesome and healthy discussion takes places over the issue of cultures and factors which affects our thinking for a particular culture. Now this is one topic that always fascinates me, CULTURE! You know why? Well […]

Know Your Representative :- AN IDEA, A START!

During my internship at IIC, one of the idea, of web app was to create a portal, that would provide MP’s details regarding their tenure, personal bio etc. and most important of all, their attendance in Parliament. All projects were made within time and finally #IDEADU[name of the event] came to an end. The whole […]