Here is a list of some of the major projects I have done

1. Kisaan Assistant

– Kisaan Information System, enables end user to know his current mandi prices and best grown crop in his/her area

2- Open Power Monitor

In my summer project I made a power monitoring system. It measures the power consumption of a user and sends the data on a real time basis to a computer Board from there it is then send to a web server. Enabling data to be sent to web server gives user a freedom to monitor his energy consumption on the go.

3-Know Your Representative [ANDROID APPLICATION]

This application helps you to know the attendance of your representative in Parliament. These representative are MEMBER of LOK SABHA and RAJYA SABHA. You can search them by their NAME,STATE and CONSTITUENCY.

4-ExIm Guide

The main objective of the following application is to help the people who are involved in Indian trade. The application provide details on the basis of the ITCHS code entered by the user. In the later and further version of the application we’ll be adding more functionality and even tariff calculations etc.

5- Safety Professionals

Created and deployed the website for video sharing and group co-ordination for SafetyProfessionals [A new startup], ranging from customization to deployment on server and management.