Things that you learn and IMPLEMENT

Being a computer undergrad, I was always very confused about the syllabus we go through in our course. I mean some of the subjects that are taught to us in college are brutally raped! to say the least. Last night I had to submit an SRS to my mentor, I know the slight indepth of SRS but I was not sure about it’s practical feasibility. I mean Software Requirement Specification and for what?? but then I explore wikis related to SRS and found out that it is the integral part of software development. So being a LaTeX enthusiast I decided to type the whole document in LaTeX only. Though it gave me few hiccups in implementing the whole LaTeX thing, but actually it was fun other wise my #noobie knowledge of LaTeX was limited to making my english presentation and report.

    I just hope we’ll go now with full throttle ON,  in this project and hope to make the best web application upto our standards!


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