I have been working and hacking around with Drupal for quite a while now. Few weeks back Anshul told me to submit a talk session for BootCamp14 and I hurriedly decided that I’ll be giving talk on Drupal and my experiences with it.


Though it was a two day event I missed the Saturday’s proceeding due to some other commitments. I reached the venue on time and found that people have started pouring in for the event. The opening session was Indian Startup Mantra, by Shubhamoy. He explained and gave insights on the challenges faced by him. It was an interactive session with members of the audience actively participating in the Q&A session.

The second talk of the day was given by Sharique on Android Security vs Linux Security. Hacking has been a very sensitive topic which attract newbies! and to be honest I was myself amazed to see so many hacks that are available online.

After a short lunch session, Konark Modi displayed all the “COOL” stuffs which you can do with IPYTHON which is an interactive python framework. Shobha from GNOME told us about the internship that are available at GNOME and other internship programme they offer and what all could be done to contribute to GNOME. Also she gave us an insight regarding the software required to build a particular project jhbuild etc.

Last talk of the day was mine which included basics of Drupal. I shared some of the very basics stuffs about Drupal and how scalable and extensible it is. Since my aim was not to “BORE” the audience I adhered myself to the hands on session.

The day ended on a high and all in all it was a good experience. I am also eagerly waiting for my friends Ashutosh & Varun to come back from Bengaluru. Hope it is going to be a joyride for me after my MAJORS! [end semester exams] which are starting from April 1st.

That’s it for now! Till the next time ADIOS!

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