My hometown reminds me of the awesome time I spent here while growing up. The aura, the feel and the weather of the city is something you miss when you move out from here. Dehradun! SIMPLY HEAVEN!

Since last 6 months I was so busy with so much of work and college assignments that I didn’t got a chance to visit my hometown. But finally just before my end semester I finally got a chance to visit this amazing city. This city reminds me of the “awesome” time I had here, be it good or bad.

Since I am leaving for Delhi tonight I thought it would be great to describe my “AWESOMEST” hometown in my own poetic words 😀

p.s I am not good with poetry.


When I look back I see

The empty benches…

The empty seats….

The empty hall…. 

Where I was real me


When I look back I hear

Those words not spoken…

Hearts that were broken….

Lovely sunshine…. 

Bright side of life…. 


When I look back I feel 

A calmness that holds me… 

Mistakes that grips me…. 

Moments of Tears and joy…. 

Rain pouring down from the night sky… 


When I look back I miss

The life and times I had 

The moment when I first held your hand

Those stupid reason(s) over which we laugh and cry

Promises we made….”TILL WE DIE”


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