And all that is left was (maybe) …….

As he waited, it feels like eternity to him. It was just a day back he held her hand for the very first time. He wanted to pour his heart out, he wanted to say all those things he keeps on repeating in his head. But then, he just looked at her, she was right in-front of him… she looked divine and boy! he was mesmerized. For decades he has searched for this kind of affection, this kind of meaning and at-last!! it was right there in front of him.

Hours passed like moments.. As he stared at her she said “I have to go…”

“WHAT, WHY, PLEASE DON’T” possibly all the other grammatical combinations were going through his head because he doesn’t want her to go. But after collecting himself he regained his composure and with two words he said. “Yes sure!”

Both went out and as he sat in the cab, he so wanted to hug her but then he stopped. With just a *fist* bump gesture they poth parted.

He was still overwhelmed, filled up with emotions but after being at the receiving end of the things, he still somehow was able to control himself.

For the entire day and night he kept on thinking about her. Just her…

How perfect she was, the curve on her lips,
her *squishy* cheeks, her eyes..


After all those gushing emotions she was there in front of him today. Just like yesterday, he wanted to hold her hand. It was funny but for her (maybe) but for him it was a divine experience.

Every second feels so special to him as he was sat right beside her, holding her hand and talking about the very fabric of life. Finally gathering up the courage he said ” You know you said that I should not fall for you.. and yet here I am….” She paused! maybe she also knew what was going through his head. She sweetly replied… “How can you fall for me”

It was funny though.. All his past memories, pains, triumphs flashed passed him. But he still continued caressing her. Finally like a newly born infant he just hugged her and slept on the couch which was barely able to handle one of them. Probably momentary they were one soul [at least for that point of time.] . She gave him a peck on his cheeks and that was enough to make him high on emotion. As she leaned on his shoulder he kissed her forehead, eyes and just looked at her. She was there.. in his arms… so close yet so far.

Lost in the moment he just keep snuggling her with his arms. His heart began to beat faster, and the closer he got, the more nervous he became. His hand moved around to the back of neck, and into her hair. As he reached her, he could hear his heartbeat echoing thoughout his head, causing him to second guess himself. He could feel her warm breath..he backed out and his cheek came to rest on hers. He was disappointed with myself, and thought that he had blown it, but she turned her head towards him, gently encasing my bottom lip between hers ┬ámoved closer… he could feel her heartbeat.. he could feel her warm breath…

And all that is left was (maybe) …….

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