The trend of WANNA BE Entrepreneurs

Since starting ,I’ve been working with Startups only. The reason?? Well you can just say that I always wanted to hustle 😛 or in other words “STARTUPS offers GOOOOOD SALAARY” .

Well yes, I am being brutally honest over here.

Since I’ve been living in Delhi for quite sometime now ,I have seen many people trying to build their own startup and wanting to “MAKE IT BIG”.

You know honestly, I’ve seen most of the startups talk about these three words a lot : FUNDING, VALUATION/EQUITY and HUSTLE. Great! It would be wrong to say that each one of us don’t want to make it big and you may call me greedy but I also belong to the same category of people. But the thing (and mind you these are my personal views) which bothers me the most is the fact that with the increasing  number of people who call themselves entrepreneur(s),they spent most of the time copying and QUOTING other successful entrepreneurs.

In one of my previous company I was given the task to make a product for a advertisement agency, me and few more people from my team was working in it. The very first time I went to meet the “PRODUCT MANAGER” of that advertisement agency, I was literally laughing at the every word he said!

Reason : Well, let’s just say he was a die hard fan of Steve Jobs and Apple UI/UX. So every iteration he suggested had “APPLE INC.” influence over it. I mean for a UI/UX guy, this is the most painful area! After spending nights on creating the UI for the product ,we end up  copying/improvising someone else’s UI! huh! and that too because “APPLE IS GREAT, AND STEVE JOBS IS THE BEST”. I mean no offence to Late Mr. Steve Jobs ,we all know his capabilities but the point I am trying to make here is that no one can become successful by copying “SUCCESSFUL” people

Then there are people who follow people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Bill Gates etc. Great! I mean I have utmost respect for people like these but the kind of atoot rishta these wanna be entrepreneur(s) have for these great people is something commendable. They might not know the difference between the National Song and National Anthem of India but they can clearly quote and yes “QUOTE” their speeches at their back of their hand.

I don’t know much about Indian Startup eco-system but I can pretty much say that there is a lot of difference between “VALLEY” and eco-system in India! To be honest frankly, Idolizing someone is kind of like trend in India and sometimes it reaches to those extremes that 99 percent of the times it backfires! I mean how can you even compare the ground realities of India and Silicon Valley.!! Yes, the story of hustle of some of the big names e.g Zuckerberg, Vaynerchuck, Bill Gates is inspiring but then again one has to look at the ground realities and especially one’s background before “COPYING” his/her favourite IDOL.

I can go on and on but I would rest my case here…. because the case of WANNA BE ENTREPRENEURS will Go on and on …. 😛

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