PHP :Cannot Start Session Error

So recently, I was working over project and was customizing the drupal distribution for ERP solutions. All was going smoothly till I ran into a big trouble

Screenshot from 2014-01-31 21:27:01

My “phpmyadmin” was not working!!

I started looking for answer, which ranges from clearing my browser cache history, to restarting Apache, but none worked!!

Then finally I decided to look into the deeper aspect of the problem, and came up with this solution,

1. Open your terminal [ CTRL + ALT + T]

2. Go to the following directory

$: cd /etc/php5/apache2

3. Now open the file php.ini in your text editor, in my case it’s emacs!

$: sudo emacs -nw php.ini

4. Now edit the following line into your file, it was commented in my case
;session.save_path = “/N;PATH”
Changing it to
session.save_path = “/tmp” [uncommenting it]

5. Save the file and restart apache
Screenshot from 2014-01-31 21:36:02

AND VOILA! This successfully helped me to restart my phpmyadmin.

P.s In some cases it might still won’t work, please clear your browser’s cache after restarting your Apache server.


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