Envisage’14 : An Experience to Remember

During the second week of February I came to know that IIC’s annual technical fest ENVISAGE, is going to be held on 1st and 2nd March at IIC UDSC. IIC is like a second home to me, since my internship days I am fond of that place.

I was so excited about the event that I eventually decided to reach the place exactly at 9 AM at the start of the event. When I reached, all the IICians were giving the final touch to the event. I called Sharad and ask him about where should I keep my luggage!! Oh YES! luggage as I was about to take part in the overnight event, WEAVE-AN-APP in which we have to make an application on any of the platform in one night.

I entered the S.P Jain Auditorium and met Prashant and Praveen there!! Enthusiastic as always!  Some of the students from 1st year were busy making rangoli, and some were quickly setting up the registration desk.

UDSC [ Close to Nature ]

event_prep [ Last Minute Touches ]

After all the hustle bustle, participants started pouring in and the registration desk was setup. Prashant and Abhishek [yes Github wale :P] were busy entering the participants details in the centralised database they have made for the event.


The best part about reaching on time in event like these is that you get to see all the nervous and funny faces. Laughing on some of the PJ’s, Nervous people, tempers!!! And boy-oh-boy it was all there, as usual Praveen Chaubey was tensed about his event as he was the co-ordinator, Abhishek was cracking some Pj’s with me and their juniors were running on errands.

rajat_rudola [ Rajat Rudola, sticking the event details ]

rangoli [ Juniors preparing rangoli ]

Since it was the day 1 of the technical fest, all the prelims of the event were scheduled on that day. I was not the sole participants, I made a team DIGITERIA [ DON’T ASK WHY !! 😛 ] in which other two members were Ashutosh and Varun.  We enrolled ourselves in about every event, leaving the events which were held in parallel.

The event started with the welcome speech by Prof. Avinashi Kapoor who is the dean of South Campus, Delhi University. They shared their words of wisdom and told us to be innovative in our approach. Of all the things he said, one thing that really touched me was [I quote]

Prayer is one of the way to get peace and is a road to innovation.

Das sir, who is the H.O.D of IIC also shared his words of wisdom by telling us that we need to more focused and more punctual with our approach.

participants_pouring_in [ Participants pouring in at the event ]

[ My Team, DIGITERIA ]

Team Digiteria

Das Sir and Avinashi Sir

[ Das Sir and Avinashi Sir ] Lightning the lamp ceremony

More than 80 participants registered for the event. Some of the participants came from J&K, Haryana and from other Indian states also. The event kicked off with IT Quiz [ XQuizIT], to be honest I was not prepared for the event, but somehow we managed to qualify for the final round. Some of the event in which my team took part was

  • CO-DENNIS [ Coding Competition ]
  • Turn Coat
  • OSiris
  • Stes n Steps
  • Script Maestro

We also registered for the LAN Gaming event but due to some reasons we were not able to take part in that.

The fun continued for the whole day, rushing between Bamboo Hut and IIC [Main Building] to switch between the events was quite a tiresome treat in itself. To be honest, I have been to many events but never found such great organisation and structured event organised solely by STUDENTS only! Oh yes When I say STUDENTS only NO FACULTY takes part in the organising part. Obviously, they do give their input but the final decision is left onto the organising team.

high_tea [ High Tea ]

osiris [XQuizIT]



[ well there should be someone to take snap of the photographer ]

Finally after the THE WHITE COLLAR event, in which the participant had to present the Research Paper on any topic. This was the time when the participants had to face the music from Das Sir’s question.

dre [ The White Collar ]

Finally after the dinner the mega event for which all the “coding enthusiast” were waiting for. Weave an App!

The problem statement was given to the participants and the overnight event saw great amount of brainstorming, late night comedy & obviously some great applications.

The next day also saw final of the events, I somehow managed to won the script maestro final. Team Spook won the overall trophy of the event, also they won the best application award in the WEAVE AN APP competition.

More than winning the competition this was more about interacting with the like minded people, to learn from them and to explore the grey areas. Also this is probably the last technical event which will be organised by the M.Sc final year students for the year 2014. I’ve known them for about an year now and they are AWESOME! It’s always fun to interact with those guys and learn from them, not just the technical part but whole philosophy and their ideas in general.

Lastly, I would like to thank few people and also would like to congratulate them for such a successful execution of event and the list include

  • Sanjeev Sir
  • Das Sir [you are next to awesome sir ]
  • Team Informatica
  • Juniors [M.sc 1st year, your efforts should be applauded!]
  • Participants
  • Anil Singh Bafila, you were badly missed

Finally, ALL THE VERY BEST to all the IICians for their future endeavours and I hope they’ll shine like diamonds.

Till the next time, ADIOS!

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  1. Had The Time of my Life at IIC .
    The “5000” Concept Entertained us Till the Next Day .
    and By the way Maithani Saab , WHO “ENCOURAGED” YOU ?

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