Interfacing Sensors with Arduino

In my summer internship project I am trying to make a Home Automation & Security System. Of course, due to the time limit and limited knowledge I currently have with respect to these devices I am not going a massive automation system but rather a prototype that would be efficient enough to show the basics of automation as well as some basic security feature.

During my first attempt I tried to interface a temperature sensor with ARDUINO. It’s fairly an easy task and no rocket science is involved into it.

What you need? 

An Arduino Board 😛


ARDUINO IDE [FOR WINDOWS/MAC/LINUX] Depending on your system

So I basically I refer the following tutorial for it []

But in case you are using any other temperature sensor make sure to go through it’s datasheet and diagram.

After connecting the sensor with Arduino all you need to do is just plug your usb cable into your system and upload the program into the ARDUINO board that you are using.

Before you do that make sure you have selected correct board configuration in


Same goes for programmer and serial port also in the TOOLS option. After burning the program into the Arduino, wait for it to run. You will see the light flashing on your Arduino board.

To check the reading of your sensor open serial monitor in the Arduino IDE . TOOLS —> SERIAL MONITOR

In case it doesn’t work don’t panic and reset your system using the RESET button on your Arduino board.

I have also connected PIR sensor with it.

Furthermore I am planning to use Arduino as a relay system for controlling lights/fans etc.

That’s it for now. Till next time ADIOS!


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