Know Your Representative :- AN IDEA, A START!

During my internship at IIC, one of the idea, of web app was to create a portal, that would provide MP’s details regarding their tenure, personal bio etc. and most important of all, their attendance in Parliament.

All projects were made within time and finally #IDEADU[name of the event] came to an end. The whole journey for being a noob to being a noob+1 😛 was quite fascinating. Surendran Balanchandran, my mentor gave me an idea to make an application for Android Platform, that would provide the same MP/MLA’s details and the concept he gave had wide approach. It includes providing MP’s twitter handles, complaint corner etc. I was sure that if this app gets a good response, I’ll probably work on it’s version 2. But apparently I did nothing regarding the application, for about three months! Then I met Ashutosh and I discussed my idea with him. We soon decided that we’ll be working as a team to accomplish the task.


The initial task before we could put the basic structure of the app was to get a robust and normalised database. Well for all you non-techy people, please refer to what normalisation in terms of DBMS stands for. I scraped, RAJYA SABHA’S AND LOK SABHA’S website, courtesy Scrapy. And made a database which contains all relevant information regarding MP’s attendance, their personal info, educational qualification, number of questions asked, private member bills etc. The sole purpose of this application was to provide people information about their respective Member of Parliament, and what he/she been upto.

Though our app is on playstore now, and we have only around 50-100 installs as of now, but still I am happy with the progress of the application. I mean I never thought that I would be associated with an app that would be for general good of the public [being humble]. There are few more app ideas over which I am brainstorming, hope I’ll get some more success with it.

For all those who wants to download the application, URL is –

[Yeah! I don’t have my own developer account as of yet, but will buy one soon]

P.S Please give your review/feedback for this application.


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