Learning Curve : How I Became A Web Developer [Still a Noob]

I remember the first time I told myself that I am going to be a web developer. I always wanted to be a NETWORK SECURITY ANALYST but by the time I entered second year of engineering I realised probably it’s just not my cup of tea. Network Security always fascinates me! I mean How a network works? How they are segregated? Security loopholes … blah blah.

Probably I was also interested in network security because it was a cool thing to be a hacker. Oh YES! I am admitting that in my blog. Some of my friends were like “HEY ANIKET YOU ARE A HACKER BRO #RESEPECT” [Swag :P] and I would be like on 7th sky. But then I started exploring the .com world. So I didn’t knew anything about hosting, domain names etc. All I knew was that yes one have to pay for buying a new domain name.

I told my dad that I need his credit card in order to buy a domain name. His initial reaction was WHY? and I gave a full 5 minute speech explaining how much I love this job. Ultimately he gave me the credit card and warned me not to spend more than the specified amount. But when I started buying the domain name and you may laugh at this I found out that there is a thing called HOSTING! So I figured out how much do I have to pay for a hosting and I still remember I spent nearly about 14k INR on buying a domain name for two years and web hosting for two years.

But now as I looked back I laugh at myself, I mean I now have a VPS which costs me 300 bucks a month [5$ Plan from DIGITAL OCEAN] for one of my personal website. And I could have easily saved more than 6000+ bucks but then again I was in my learning phase. But rather than regretting I think of my mistake as a tuition fee. I mean after buying the shared hosting, domain name I installed WordPress onto it. Earlier I have written a few article for a website called Observerz Paradise which was started by my friend Vidit Chopra. But at that time I only had access to the website as an author and OH YES! it was on WordPress.

So like a new born infant who is amazed to see the details of the world around him, I was myself pretty amazed to see how stuff work on the Internet. I did all sorts of thing with my shared hosting account. I remember during the first week of buying the ‘package’ I didn’t used to sleep at night because my ultimate comfort was to see how WordPress works. After taking hours of sprints I finally figured out the system flow of WordPress. Then after few days I came up with a plan of creating a social network of fashion lover where people could design their stuff and share it within the community etc. etc. [ I still have that documentation with me 😛 ]

Since I was sure that WordPress won’t serve that purpose pretty good I clicked on my Cpanel access and figured out that there were some more built in software packages related to web development. Since I was a newbie [still I am ] I wanted the web address of my new venture to be www.abcde.maindomain.com. Where abcde was the name of my new FASHION related SOCIAL NETWORK. I figured out how to create a social network [a small one] but since I was not sure about the content the website didn’t got the reach I was hoping for.

Finally after hours of scribbling around my Cpanel I learnt some of the basic functionalities of it. And by the end of second year of engineering I was introduced to the world of FRAMEWORKS. I started exploring OCTOPRESS, DJANGO, NIKOLA and many more static and MVC’s framework  for web.

I was sure that now I won’t be trying any of the new CMS or CMF whatever you may call them, but then few months back something spectacular happened.

“Learning is an eternal process”

I attended DRUPAL CAMP DELHI and Boy Oh Boy! I was again fascinated to see the working with Drupal. Since I had prior done my homework with WordPress it was easy for me to work around with Drupal. And now I am an avid Drupaler!

Probably one year from now on I would be hacking some new framework!

Hmmm… Right now I am finding Drupal quite easy and fun thing to do. It’s complicated in some areas but then again you can’t have all good thing in one package.

And now as I look back, my firm belief on the statement that ONE LEARN FROM HIS MISTAKES grips on more strongly. That’s it for now!! I need to go back and study for my next exam! Till the next time ADIOS!

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