Santa Workshop : Detailed Experience

You can call it co-incidence or just destiny but the year 2014 has been a mix of High’s and Low’s for me. But I am not going to discuss about my personal endeavor but about group of “fanatic” people I would call them that work day in and out just to see a salient smile on someone’s face.

Santa Workshop : I don’t know how many of you really know about it but the original description can be read in the Santa Mythology. Santa’s workshop is the workshop where Santa Claus is said to make the toys and presents given out at Christmas. In Santa Claus mythology, the “workshop” is a sprawling commune located at the North Pole or in Lapland. In addition to housing the factory where toys are either manufactured or distributed by the elves, the complex also houses the residence of Santa Claus, his wife, companions and all of the reindeer.

Somewhere and at some point we all go through our history/mythological books but never in my dream I thought that one day I will be glued to such a group which really stands for the word “SANTA WORKSHOP”. It all started last year, I was sharing one of my experience (spiritual) on Facebook when one of my friend Deepanjali Rao (DEE) commented over it. From her comment I could sense that she must have experienced certain divine revelation in her life too. Well we started talking and finally decided to meet one fine day. Her post over always intrigued me! And I don’t know why I could feel a connection between her whole initiative. Aah.. admist of all this I forgot to tell you folks that she runs an Foundation ( I won’t call it an NGO/blah blah) by the name DEE POSITIVE FOUNDATION. Well the name of the foundation is not to be confused with her name because here DEE stands for Dedicated, Enthusiastic, Empowered.
If you’ll ask me what they do?? I’ll be confused because honestly I don’t know how to put this into words. But their “Manifesto” state the following :
“DeePositive Foundation is a commitment to create powerful experiences that are Dedicated.Enthusiastic.Empowered.Positive in creating a powerful and gratitude driven social change.”

DeePositive Foundation organises a Santa Workshop every year during Christmas time to thank those people who does all important but “THANKLESS” job. For e.g let’s take an example of an auto driver, honestly we all curse them ranging from charging high prices during the night to being rude to the customer. But at the end of the day they fulfill their duty against all odds. During this chilly winters when the temperature drops to about 4 degree centigrade we avoid going out but think about them. They still work against all odds be it weather, traffic or anything just to “drive” their home.
Before I write any further I must confess that I am not good with commitments. Last year Dee (Deepanjali) called me to the Santa Workshop which I missed due to my personal reason. But this time I was eagerly waiting for the same. Before the Santa Workshop this year I missed couple of “pre-events”  you can say and ultimately one was cancelled at the very last moment. Nevertheless, I got a call from Dee that the Workshop is on and gave me directions regarding the place where Workshop was going on. The workshop was at the Central Heart Cathedral Church (Yusuf Sadan). I took the usual mode of my transport “DELHI METRO”. As I boarded the metro I was feeling a sense of excitement that finally I will be doing something just for fun. I reached Yusuf Sadan and found Dee with her on stairs, I hugged her (Mind You It’s a Workshop Tradition.) and she introduced me to the rest of the group which were working and packing gifts. I sat at the corner of the center table and met everyone, the most touching feeling I got was that even though I was a complete stranger everybody was coming and hugging me. I mean I don’t want to comment on those typical stereotype people but all the hugging and warm welcome made me feel alive. I sat down and for the next two three hours I was continuously packing gifts. I don’t know what was driving me but I didn’t moved an inch during the whole time. I met some pretty exciting people and as I left I was eagerly waiting for the next day.
I reached home by 11 PM and I was completely exhausted. Arpit (My Roomate) asked me about how I felt at the workshop and seeing that sudden spark in my eyes he kept quiet. After checking my mail I dozed off around 2 AM whereas on the other hand Arpit was still awake. When I woke up the next morning I found Arpit’s note stating that he wants to go to Santa Workshop too. I Whatsapped the node to Dee and told her that I didn’t spoke a word about Workshop to Arpit yet he is excited. Maybe that was some divine plan and I waited for him to get up and we both reach the Workshop. When the “HUGGING” began I could see the sense of JOY and SURPRISE in Arpit’s eyes.

For the next three days Arpit and I did couple of night out where we kept wrapping the gifts for entire night. One incident I could specifically recall is :
Arpit and I decided to wrap the gift for the entire night. Dee and all the other team left around 10 PM and we both were sitting in the hall wrapping. We kept wrapping around 2:30 AM and soon both of us started to feel dizzy. Just when we were about to sleep we got a call from Pranav (another ELF) who said that he is coming to the workshop. We both were completely surpised by the fact that “WHO THE FUDGE” will take the pain inspite of the winters to come down to Workshop at this “UNEARTHLY HOUR”. But he came and on getting our fuel (CHAI AND YA :P) All three of us started packing gifts again.

Santa Workshop is over now for the year 2014 and I am eagerly waiting for the next one. If you would ask me what I miss about Santa Workshop : I would say the whole of it.

– Anthony Bhaiya’s song :[ That’s a special 😛 ]
– Dee’s Lecture
– Vandana Dee “WORRIED FACE” 😛
– RAHUL GUPTA singing RAM JANE!! [I bet you don’t want to listen that]
– Pulling Anthony’s Bhaiya leg over the fact that he was from Mechanical Branch [NO girls #IFYOUKNOWWHATIMEAN]
– Akarshita’s Accent in Hindi especially with “ADEY shabd” 😛

I would definitely say it is due the energy I received from the whole Workshop that my year ended on such a high. Thank You Dee for such an initiative. Eagerly waiting for the next year.

P.s We will be having some more events round the year so you guys are free to join us. We are on FB [] and website []. Honestly if you guys want to have an experience of lifetime come and experience the power of #ME do come.

Till the next time .. ADIOS!

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