Honestly I haven’t been a good writer 😛 well that’s what I think. And I always feel shy about writing my personal life on my blog. Before you start reading this blog post I want to make an announcement. Most of you won’t get this #ME thing so please leave 😛 and secondly this experience is very unique and this also won’t make sense to most of you.

So recently I started working at a foundation as an IN-TERN at DEEPOSITIVE FOUNDATION. If you don’t know what we do then head on to our website and you’ll get to know what we are upto. [http://deepositive.com/]. In the recent turn of events Dee [Deepanjali Rao, founder of Deepositive Foundation] put forwarded an idea of having a system which will make sure that our gets funds get utilized and we have plenty to spare on ourselves. I won’t get into the depth of this but you can think of a system in which revenues are generated through different events/work/workshops and some part of that goes into the Foundation whereas rest of that goes into your personal account. When you are working for any cause you meet people who have similar mindset as yours. I shared the concept of “FUN-D-RAISING” with the group we have created over WHATSAPP. And got suitable replies from the people who are in the group.

Meanwhile, I was sitting one day when I got a message saying that DEE has an idea. I got up and went to her home for further discussion. There she told me that Preksha [one of the members of DeePositive Foundation] has thought of a way celebrating Valentine’s day. Okay, here clicks my basic STEREOTYPE.

[What I thought]

We’ll have a happy-go-lucky kind of event. People will come… Oh Let me rephrase that COUPLES will come… and blah blah blah blah blah… something something.. we happy, they happy and fund raising.


We can have a workshop of something to distribute Tokens Of Love. I patiently listened to each and every word Dee told me and by the end of it I thought “WOAH, F*CK!! It’s a brilliant idea”.

We started digging in to get Tokens Of Love ready before 14th of February and I thought that it would be a big plus for me as a “co-ordinating head”  if I would make this event a huge success. Still we are in middle of the co-ordinating stuff for our D-DAY! and I hope that it would be a big success.

The main moto or should I say the feel of the foundation lies in the word “GRATITUDE”. Now the fun starts : –

I met our core team, people engage in making #tokensoflove a huge success. And suddenly out of the blue the conversation became something of this sort :


Me : *aaahh… *thinking* good question what should I say?* “aaah.. fun ke liye”

Preksha : “But why?? I mean why??”

It’s been a month since I know Preksha and Rohan, I mean facially 😛 But I never thought I would be encountering such question from them. Honestly I thought that they would be happy with the fact that I am pouring my 100% for this workshop. Meeting ended but the thought lingered in my mind. WHY??

As my cab ride started from Lajpat Nagar, Amar Colony. All I could think of was the one word.

Why am I so excited about all this ?? Why???

After pondering over the thought for a while I found my answer!! I went back home and asked Preksha who is the Project Head of Tokens of Love that what “Valentine” means to her. And after getting her reply I just found me and here is an excerpt which I wrote to her and Dee of course. [Copied from Whatsapp]

” Y am i doing this tokens of love thing. What is my purpose?? To spread happiness, yes. Then y i act so irrationally sometimes, maybe thats the way i am. I fell in love with the whole #me thing and thought that i know its meaning. Until today when a cab ride just blew my mind. I was thinking as i was travellig from lajpat to noida about y m i being so hyper abt #tol things. Y do i end up at dee’s place. Nw i know d reason. What would be the ultimate thing we care fr??? Its nt hw much money i have bt hw much smile and gratitude i can spread. I fell in love with preksha’s idea. I fell in love with dee’s energy and maybe that is the best thing that had happened so far with me. I love d fact we all come together for a cause. My motivation?? Nt that i would simply sit with a girl on valentine but more than that somewhere down the line a guy/girl who will receive my token will remember me. Where to start?? Start from here only. I know she cant do all d work alone, bt since I LOVE HER CAUSE. It would give me enormous amount of happiness when i’ll see her eyes glimmering with the pride of reaching a milestone. That is successful completion of tokenoflove. What will i get?? Immense joy…joy of making someone’s dream come true. Probably i will see new #you but i know some day down the line i will look back and i will proudly say and with utmost affection that in #you lies a part of #me. ”


For #ME this valentine is not going to be about myself and my relationship because I know I suck at those 😛 but it’s about impacting everybody with the soul purpose of the foundation. I know peeps this won’t make much sense to you guys but at the end of the day it’s about #ME. It’s 5 AM in the morning and it took me more than 2 hours to write this bullshit article!! because there is so much I could write but I will cut it short.


Till the next time ADIOS! and yes do visit tokensoflove.in .



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