Santa Workshop – A Unique Experience

Normal day….. MY LAPTOP and ME. Both romancing with each other! 😛 Suddenly I got a ping on Facebook. It was my beloved DEE (Deepanjali Rao) telling me about Santa Workshop. Santa Workshop is an initiative where we thank people and express our “gratitude”. Last year also I skipped the Santa Workshop due to some of my personal issues but this time I was in full mood to contribute to Santa Workshop. As decided over the call with Dee I reached the place! Usually I feel “SHY” whenever I visit a new place because of two reason(s) mainly :

– PEOPLE !!! 😛


Sound insane I know! Well I reached the place YUSUF SADAN at SACRED HEART CATHEDRAL and saw Dee waiting with a friend of her. I hugged her (Santa Hug ) and entered the hall where I saw people busy packing the gifts and there was a sense of “LIVELINESS” in the hall. I was ill since the last few days but seeing such sight made me feel alive! I sat on the central table and met everybody in the hall. It was quite remarkable that everybody was coming around from their desk to meet me. Not that it made me feel special but I was astonished by the fact that I was NOT a stranger there. Probably this is the magic of workshop. The day went like a rocket! Before I could analyse it was already evening. I reached home and told my room-mate Arpit about it. He was quite excited about the workshop too so he left me a note the next morning :




And then started the real fun. It was really awesome to see and meet so many new people and faces. In the span of 3 days I had the best time of my life. I could go on and on … with this blog post but I will give it a rest. Because honestly if you want to experience what I am feeling right now



Till the next time.. ADIOS!


p.s Special thanks to all the people who made this workshop special.




And lastly god almighty for his kind grace ! Don’t kill me I have more names in my mind will write another blog post about the experience.


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