Hola! A week back I was given an assignment to integrate ELASTICSEARCH with one of the products. Being a newbie I was totally new to the world of ELASTICSEARCH and didn’t have much idea about it. I took the responsibility (moreover it was specifically assigned to me) and I was clueless for a day. In the team meeting I openly said that I was going to work on this but honestly I was skeptical about it.


I called up one of my friend RAJAT GOYAL and asked him that how exactly you work with Elastic Search. He gave me some insight about the same and told me about few Python wrappers through which I can accomplish my assigned task. I started reading the docs and for the first time in my life I was feeling like a kid again. I mean you start from the basics and then you execute but this time it wasn’t the basic at all to be honest.

After struggling for day and a two I finally managed to crack the algorithm and made up my mind regarding how am I going to proceed in order to complete my work. I integrated ELASTICSEARCH and started working on code optimization. Once the code optimization was completed I moved onto the front-end part of it. To be honest, I am not very good with front-end though being a DRUPALER I should know the intricacies of front-end but yet it is another domain which really irritates me sometimes. After looking for solutions online I decided to customize my dashboard and asked from the help from ARPIT. Arpit works with me in the same startup and we both framed our plan of executing the entire front-end. If there is one man I can count upon in making a robust and B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L front-end it will be surely Arpit. Nearly after a week certain part of my project is done. Though there are some pretty gaping holes in my project but I am sure that I’ll be able to pull this off.

Till now working in a startup has been a joyous ride for me. I mean you can call me one happy “EMPLOYEE” though I don’t feel like one reason being, I love what I do!! Of course, I did make some sacrifices but at the end of the day it was worth it.

– I was unable to meet my closest friends who were in Delhi during this time. 

– My whole body clock and cycle was completely upside down. I mean coding since 9 – 6 ( 9 PM till 6 in the morning)


– Completing a 2 months project within a week!! 

I know my project will be thoroughly scrutinized and I will have to work again to make the changes but that’s the whole fun part. I mean you make something and you get evaluated on a real-time basis.  If  this would have been a commercial project in some top-shot MNC or some college project I am sure that the deadline must have been extended about 10 times till now. But in startup it’s more like YOU HAVE A PROBLEM- SOLVE IT!

Furthermore, it was more fun due to the fact that everybody around me was poking me continuously and were eager to help. Specially the CEO of the company!! Long Skype calls late night, pinging my partner Arpit and getting the work done with ASAP mode on! It’s something I really enjoyed (don’t know about them). Also my ESTEEMED MENTOR as I would call him Satyakaam Goswami kept me on my toes during the whole time.

All in all it was an awesome experience (still continuing) and I hope this FUN carries on.

That’s it for now! Till the next time ADIOS!


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