Since three days I was continuously travelling and my body was unable to cope up with the amount of excitement I had in me. It was 24th and I was still travelling to New Delhi and by the time I reached Meerut highway it was already 3 noon. I knew that it will take another 3-4 hours for me to reach Kashmeri Gate Station, New Delhi because of the flow of the traffic.

Finally after exhausting 4 hours I reached New Delhi around 8 PM. I boarded the metro towards Noida City Center, meanwhile I was calling Arpit [my friend] continuously because my ATM card was with him but he was not picking up my call. I de-boarded the metro at Noida Sector 16 and started walking towards his [Arpit’s] room. I was thinking at the back of my mind that it is going to be 3rd time when I won’t be able to attend Pycon:India. Around 9 PM I received a call from Saurabh saying that the departure time of the flight is 6 AM and we need to reach airport by 4! I hurriedly walked towards Arpit’s place and fortunately obtain my ATM card from him! And with virtual money in my pocket!!! I was on a roll.

I reached Saurabh’s place at around 2 in the morning and we both took the cab and finally I was at T1, New Delhi. I was in complete ‘awe’! reason being since the last two times I keep on cancelling my Pycon Trip. After two and a half hour flight we reached Bengaluru International Airport. After waiting for a while Mr. Anuvrat Parashar also joined in and I knew this trip was going to be something.

[Let’s Get Started] 

 A day before the workshop session all the volunteers that were there in the city were assigned task to take care of the things like REGISTRATION, NETWORKING, HELPING OUT SPEAKERS WITH MIC, VIDEO TEAM etc. I joined the networking team and met Santosh and Hobbes` for the very first time. And this started the crazy journey, I was pulling out tapes, setting up routers and doing what not just to make sure that the network infrastructure will remain up the next day. Suddenly, it started raining and it was pouring HARD!

Since we didn’t got the permission to stay at the venue all of us decided to reach the venue early next day. All of the volunteers reached around 7 AM in the morning and the level of craziness increased!! Met Konark and other people and it was all fun.

Over the next two days I had some awesome food, met amazing people and made new friends! Keynote was awesome the both days! though I missed some part of Michael’s keynote.

Pycon ended on a great high and as I left the venue I was already counting days for the next year’s Pycon.

[Snaps will be uploaded in a while]


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