So it’s Diwali time, here in India, means festivity, feast and party. For those reading this blog who don’t know what Diwali is, it’s a festival celebrated because on this day, Lord Rama(Hindu deity) ended Ravana’s life who was a Rakshas(GOOGLE THE TERM :P) and returned to his kingdom Ayodhaya. I am always confused over one thing, why do we burnt unnecessary crackers during this time. I know Diwali itself sounds very festive in nature but the concept of bursting crackers is completely unknown to me.

 We all know burning of so much of crackers contribute to pollution, but on a personal level I think it’s a complete waste of money. I don’t want to sound modest here but think over it, wasting 10000 Rs. over crackers is it worth?? Festival doesn’t say we have to celebrate it with BANG BANG BANGGIINNG (dirty minds out there don’t you dare…. :P). I personally appreciate those people who celebrate each occasion with sincerity and with profound enjoyment including calmness during their “ENJOYMENT”. Today I also went to the market to bought some crackers, very few I must say. But then I saw this 7 year old boy, who was just sitting there and smiling as he saw other people taking gifts.

I somehow was able to connect to that boy and instead of spending my money on crackers, I gifted him a T-Shirt! NO NO NO I am not telling you to think OMG! this guy is a god or I don’t need anyone’s sympathy, neither I ask for any kind of appreciation, I just want you to think of those in need before you spend your MONEY on your ENJOYMENT.

It’s celebration time, so include everyone into it. So here’s a thing according to me one must follow this Diwali.

  • Don’t spend too much on crackers, avoid! Instead use them wisely or gift the needy.
  • Don’t buy crackers with sound level exceeding the permissible limit, it may be harmful to you and to the old people as well. 
  • Don’t DRINK OR BOOZE, be safe and enjoy the moment
  • Figure out a good plan of action for Diwali. 

That’s all I can write as of now, so do give a thought over the issue. Till the next time, goodbye and Happy Diwali 🙂 

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