Probably the only thing that gives me comfort more than anything else is MUSIC. So the question arises WHY AM I NOT A MUSICIAN??? 😛 Probably you might have heard the same thing from millions of engineers out there but I personally fell it’s the opposition you face from the society itself.
  To my last sentence many people will cry out “HEY DUDE, IF YOU’VE GOT GUTS THEN PLAY OUT LOUD”. But for people like us, I think it’s not like that. To be quite honest for me my parents are like GOD! so naturally when they say IT IS TO BE DONE, T’IS PERFORMED!. I always wanted to be a bass player but lack of knowledge about the music and most importantly about the music scene in India made me realised that it’s not always that easy to succeed in music industry. People have made a channel, they have made a path, to be followed in your worst circumstances!
   If you’re a science site student you are bound to do two things, number one go for the ultimate and most “EASIEST WAY” ENGINEERING, secondly “MEDICAL FIELD”. Clear some dumb papers and after 4 years you’ll be crowned as a SUCCESSFUL GUY! but the point is no one ask you whether or not you’re happy with the thing or course you’re pursuing.

I am not chanting the age old raga of struggle b/w what you want to do and what society wants you to do, thing is for students or more importantly for teenagers like us, it’s always about our parents. So even if you have to do certain things which you may not like, but it’s our tribute to our parents  and most importantly that sense of satisfaction you see on their faces.

I am into music anyway, I still play guitar though not in a commercial scene but I am happy the things have shaped up so far.

Since I am on my way to my hometown DEHRADUN, it’s goodbye from my side and I hope you’ll think and discuss on the above topic for sure!!

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