Configuring your DNS/NAMESERVER

So recently one of the member of ALiAS [Amity Linux Assistance Sapience] posted a thread on our Facebook Group related to hosting and domain name registration.

In simple term his query was :

   If Someone buys a domain name from a company (say godaddy) but I take hosting from some other company, say digital ocean, that shouldn’t be a problem right?


First of all YES! it is possible and here’s a quick preview how you can configure the NameServer and other settings.

I am taking my own case here :

– The domain name was taken from BIGROCK whereas I have taken a shared hosting account from GO DADDY.

– Now all you need to do is LOGIN to the control panel/main panel of the site from whom you have purchased your domain name. In my case it is bigrock


1. Now you need to click on the NAMESERVER TAB :

2. In the NAMESERVER tab configure the nameserver(s). The NS records are given by the hosting company itself.

3. Once You’ve entered the NS configuration, save them !!

4. Now wait for the activation to take place.

Please note that it may take around 48 hours for the settings to take affect but this whole thing generally takes 20 minutes or so.

Next in your hosting account add this domain name of yours!

In some cases you might have to configure the A record / IP address. Just browse the A RECORD  option and fill the IP of your hosting account.

And VOILA! You are all set to go!!


Again a crisp post related to my experiments and learning. Till the next time ADIOS!



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