The monthly meetup of Python enthusiasts took place at JNU on Saturday. As usual I was excited about meeting people there and sharing what I have been upto and grasping some knowledge.

As I met my “TEAM” at Hauz Khaz metro station, I found out that most of us were from Amity University and I was excited to see some juniors in the group too. We reached JNU where  Dr Victor Udoewa was eagerly waiting for us. The main agenda of the meetup was to share the insights of the community with Dr. Victor as he is currently working in the field of “DIGITAL LITERACY” with Google. 

Dr. Victor explained the concept of Digital Literacy and how we as individual can contribute to the entire project. It was good to see that everyone spoke out over the problems they faced while they learned LINUX or WORKING ON COMPUTERS in general.

Also Dr. Victor asked questions related to community participation in general. The talk went on for about 2 hours and it was delightful to see GOOGLE’s new venture.

The beta version of the program in hosted here :

Next up Vaidik told us about the problem he solved using Python.

He told us how he solved wrote decorator for Python. [Links he has shared on the Mailing list]
  1. Partial Functions
  2. Tail Recursion

Though he initially wanted to solve the above using Scala but then he chose PYTHON.


I also shared my project details and the problem which I solved using Python. There was also discussion related to connecting people over mailing list and fb group.

All in all it was a good experience! The next meetup is expected to be hosted at REVIEWS42 Noida office.

That’s it for now. Before I end this post I would like to remind everyone about PYCON’14 and oh YES! REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN. []



P.S ALL THE BEST TO PRIYANKA LUTHRA FOR HER EXAMS 😛 [she just pinged me as I was writing this post]

Till the next time ADIOS!


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