Well I didn’t know that 2 months of hardwork and coding! would literally be summed up in these two minutes. I am talking about my contribution and especially of the team MAVERICK(IIC STUDENTS AND ME). The occasion was OPEN DATA MEET which was organized jointly by NASSCOM and NIC people. I have been working on a sample application which would take the data from the DATA PORTAL (www.data.gov.in) and fetch meaningful information to the people. In short our target was to create an application which could be used by the general people using OPEN DATA.
    These two months were probably the best two months of my life. Firstly, teaming up with the guys at IIC, especially SHARAD, ANIL, MAC_RAWAT, TANU, ABHISHEK, PRASHANT, ANSHU, ANJALI, SACHIN AND GURUDEV! (nick name for Gaurav Kapoor). Staying late at IIC in order to complete the project was another fun thing. 16 Mbps of personalized internet line, pranks, eating at stuti, walking down to Satya just to grasp the ice-cream, and ya!! ICE-CREAM party.

   There is so much I could write in this post but I will keep it short and simple. I never knew that my interest in the open source would literally help me to make such great friend’s. As I am writing this blog, I am on my way to Dehradun and it’s drizzling outside and the only thing that’s coming into my mind is kaash ek baar aur…. But picture abhi baki hai mere dost…..

 I know for sure that I’ll be connected to these people now for rest of my life. And I’ll be dropping by UDSC whenever I’ll miss them 😛

This experience of mine would be incomplete without thanking Satyag and Sanjeev sir for their motivation and letting us use their resources to the fullest. Being a non-iician I still feel IIC is the place to be. Secondly thanks to all the mentor who participated in the PURSUIT OF IDEA,
to name a few :-

  • Shubhranshu
  • Surendran sir (your blogs are amazing)
  • Sitanshu
  • Sumandro
  • Guneet part I and II (don’t worry on these people will get it ) 
So this is it for now. I hope there’s plenty more to come ……….
#Pictures to follow soon

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2 thoughts on “2 Months = 2 Mins

  1. Same here aniket. Though you were not the part of IIC but in theses two months you came so close to us that now we will have lots of memories of ANIKET MAITHANI..:p Will miss you too buoy. Even the project is over now but I hope that we will remain in contact..;) All d very best for your future ahead.:)

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