Well recently I was working with Random Data sets which were required to complete my application for the NIC APP CHALLENGE. Well, some of the interesting insights I came across are as follows

Total Number of Member Selected (from 1st to 15th Lok Sabha) :-  8323

Number of Female Members (1st to 15th Lok Sabha) :- 565

Number of Male Members (1st to 15th Lok Sabha :-  7738

Total Registered Political Parties :- 292 + (I am not sure about this figure, if you guys know please let me know the exact figure)

Total Number of Independent Members Elected (since 1st Lok Sabha):- 200

Party with Highest Number of Nomination to the Lok Sabha :- Congress (2035+)

State with Maximum Number of MP’s Nominated to LOK SABHA :- Uttar Pradesh (1316)

And I can write about this on and on….. But I believe it’s enough for now, please give me your review regarding the correctness of this data.

P.S I am politically sound but least interested into it
P.s (P.s) :- This blog is not written to create any controversies 😛

Till we meet again adios!

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