How to make it much more cheaper????

The best part of blogging is that you write, what you really want to write! It’s the only thing by which I can express what I feel. Well nevertheless, I have recently shifted to sector 49 Noida, and it’s been only a day since I have been here and another new project has came into my mind. Last one and a half month have been very dear to me, to say the least. A good GPA, and an excellent insight into the world of Electronics. Now furthermore, I have a new project in mind “Cheap Alarm System”. Recently I saw a news feed by Mr. Vinay Chaddha (GVC SYSTEM’S HEAD) that he had made an anti-theft system kind of thing which costs less than 5K, but I have been really think what if  I could furthermore lower the cost by lets say 2 to 2.5 thousand. Well my research work is on, hope I’ll get some success. And moreover I didn’t got time to write the wiki of my last project. I’ll be doing so in a while…… Till the next time ADIOS!! 

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