Well just like any other computer science undergrad I have to complete my In-House Training project as per university rules. The only thing I like about college is during these two months of your summer holidays they keep you busy, WITH SOME PRACTICAL WORK! Obviously it’s up to one whether he just copy and paste stuff from the internet or do some real work.

   I guess mostly people copy/paste stuff, add bit of their own flavor and voila! your project report is ready.
Nevertheless I was thinking about what should I do this summer, there were couple of offers of internship from B.S.N.L and N.I.C but since I have completed my second year only, I thought that I should do some project in the field of embedded electronics. During my first year, I got a glimpse and hands on experience of working with embedded systems and micro-controller, thanks to GVC SYSTEMS, but nonetheless I wanted my own involvement in the project with 0 percent outside interference. So finally after thinking a lot over the topic I came to a conclusion that yes I AM GOING TO STEP INTO IT !

I went to my mentor Mr. Manoj Baliyan and explained him that I wanted to create a practical training project in the field of embedded electronics. He was really very helpful and gave me enough freedom to decide the topic of the project, but he also cautioned me that I should consult him before submitting my final synopsis, the project title and what it would do.

 Nearly after a month my prototype is ready! *phew* Details coming up soon…

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