IST (Indian Stretchable Time)

“Yea, I am on my way, coming in five”

“What took you so long?”

“I was stuck in the jam”

“I’ll be back in next fourty five minutes or so”

And that fourty five minutes never ends. Well this blog post is dedicated to all those people including me (to certain extent) whose watches face time dilation. Maybe because we guys are lightning quick, and as per basic Physics 101, the more your speed the lesser the time. For you NORMAL people who are so lethargic that for you fourty minutes are just fourty minutes!! I mean come on, you should exercise some special powers like us.

        Jokes apart, recently I was with one of my senior, one of his colleague took a break saying that he needs to go somewhere for half an hour but eventually that guy didn’t returned for the next four hours! I mean it’s not about that being professional your personal space will be chewed on, but especially to all the Delhites don’t give  goli when it comes to time. I mean if you’re late, you should admit it. But lame excuses sucks a big time, not just in professional environment but in day to day life also.

I’ve seen Delhi’s MNC’s culture a bit and from my experience I can very well say that Delhites are the best when it comes to excuses for being late. For the first time in my life I realised that ten minutes are not exactly ten minutes. During my first year of college life, one of my friend told me to wait as he was coming to pick me up in TEN minutes and those TEN minutes eventually become an hour.

According to my mentor, Surendran Delhites follow two time zones, first is IST that stands for INDIAN STRETCHABLE TIME and second is DST which is DELHI STRETCHABLE TIME, funny indeed.
Well that’s all for now, need to do couple of more interesting things on the web. Till next time adios! and mind your time

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