Well I am in Love!
Shocking opening line I believe but then again it’s not more shocking than the fact that I have just realised. I am in Love, I am her lover, I love her to the core. But at the same time, I yes I am the biggest “HATER”. Sounds conflicting or contradicting, but I believe the thing I am going to explain just now will make you understand why am I saying so.

Love, a force that binds us together,
like million broken parts that incites us altogether,
I love you, and you love me too
and yes! we are the perfect two!

But I have this fallency,
TO HATE THESE DAYS, has become my tendency,

I hate when someone touches you,
I hate when someone looks at you,
I hate when someone hugs you,
And I hate when someone caress you!

I hate when you go out with so called “FRIEND”
I hate when you say I know him well
I hate when your known says “LOVE YOU TOO”
I hate when someone cries your name and say “I KNOW YOU!”

I hate when you click pictures with someone else
I hate when you go movies with them
I might hate this world for sure
You are mine and I am your
that’s a fact, a universal truth, you must know……

I am a hater, I am a lover,

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