Working with COM ports in Python

Well as I was making my OPEN POWER MONITOR, I was not sure about how I will fetch data on a real-time basis from USB Port of my computer system. Moreover the only positive hope that I was having in the project was that it is open source and some or the other guy on IRC or Mailing List will help me 😛

   Further more for the first time, I created a Python Script which would listen to the incoming data and moreover, would fetch the data on screen on a real time basis. But being guided by some members of the institution where I am currently enrolled as an Intern, I applied a PATCH! and that was that my program not only gave me readings, but also average reading after every 5 seconds. So user can compare between his/her previous and the new readings.

Well that’s it for now. Will keep you updated about the progress of my presentation.

Till the next time ADIOS…….!

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